Electronica Munich 2018Time: the 2018-11-23 Editor: stcapacitors

Munich electronic components expo has become a grand event of the global electronic industry. Every two years, elites from all over the world gather in Munich to discuss the development of the global electronic industry in the past two years and look forward to the future of the electronic market.

Munich Germany electronic components exhibition is famous for its complete range of products and services. The excellent position of the exhibition in the electrical industry is an important factor that attracts us to participate in the exhibition.At the same time, the exhibition also held a variety of rich content of professional seminars and BBS, the theme of "green electronics" throughout the exhibition, we were greatly inspired.

Through this exhibition, our company showcases our products and technologies to visitors from all over the world, which helps us to expand channels, spread brands and promote sales, grasp the pulse of the industry, understand the dynamics of the industry and establish long-term and sustainable business relations with them.

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