Electronica Vietnam 2018Time: the 2018-10-14 Editor: stcapacitors

The Vietnam international exhibition of electronic components, materials and production equipment (NEPCON Vietnam) is organized by the world famous exhibition company, lizhan expo group, and has received strong support from relevant units, aiming to build it into the most influential and representative exhibition in Vietnam's electronic field.

Since Vietnam joined the WTO in 2007, its electronics industry has developed rapidly.However, the electronics industry in Vietnam is still lagging behind in terms of technology. As a result, electronic parts still need to be imported for quite a long time, which undoubtedly provides a huge business opportunity for export enterprises of electronic parts in various countries.

Our company has demonstrated our products and technologies to Vietnamese friends through this exhibition, which helps us to expand channels, spread brands, and then promote sales, grasp the pulse of the industry, understand the dynamics of the industry and establish long-term and sustainable business relations.

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