Espier PrivChat is a unique mobile social app, designed specifically for the privacy protection. By using this app, you can communicate with people from all around the world, make friends with them, share your idea, reveal your feelings, express your views, and so on. This app eliminates the national boundaries on the Internet. You can even communicate freely with the people who are speaking different language. Moreover, when you send messages or transfer files to your friends, Espier PrivChat can improves the security of your messages by using various means and advanced encryptiontechnologies.

Exchange words or photos .

Or videos.

eMessage lets you send messages back and forth with anyone on Android device( phone or tablets).Espier Messages sends text, pictures, videos, and any other files between two eMessage users online.When you send a file to a friend who does not use eMessage (or he/she is offline), the file will be uploaded to Espier's cloud temporarily and a short text message (SMS) including the download link will be sent to your friend. In order to protect your files from unauthorized downloads, you can set a download password for a specific file.




Text one. Text all.

Send a message to one person or to many friends at once - along with photos, videos, or links you like. When someone replies, everyone sees it. With more people you’ll get more texts.




Get the messages?

It’s reassuring to know your text was read - or even received. eMessage tells you if your text went through. If the recipient has read receipts enabled, you’ll see that your message was read, too. 

eMessage are blue

(like iMessage).

So you’re not.

On iPhone, when your text bubble is blue instead of green, you’ll know you’re using iMessage instead of SMS. On Android device, you will also get the blue instead of green as long as you are using eMessage. And you’ll know that you can get a quicker response. You’ll know that the text session is free. You’ll know it’s been sent to all your recipients’ Android devices. You’ll know they received the text. SMS texters will be green with envy.


Personal message

servicesand eCloud -

wherever and whenever.

      Support for the management and maintenance of your personal card, which helps you share your personal card to your friends easily; You can store your notes, diaries, and cashes easily. Espier Messages will store these personal messages in the cloud. You can get these content on any Android device installed Espier Messages via your Espier ID, wherever and whenever; eCloud is a cloud service which acts as your private network drive. You can store your important files in eCloud, and then share it to your friends.








Manage files conveniently.

View, share and manage the local files easily.
Delete the files quickly.



communicate with your

friends conveniently.

 voice message.
 sharing location.

  Fear to leak your privacy if the phone was lost? Fear your messages being monitored by NSA (National Security Agency) or a cracker? Fear someone posing as a friend to defraud your money? Please use PrivChat ,  which improves the security of the messages by using various means and technologies including Silent Messages, Burn After Reading Messages, Secret Messages, OpenPGP Encryption Messages, OTR Encryption Conversations, and Enhanced Password.

 OTR Encryption Conversations

OTR (Off-the-record) encryption conversion uses asymmetric cryptographic algorithm to encrypt your messages. The keys are only valid for one conversion. It can not only protect your privacy but also verify the identity of your buddy. It is the most secure instant messaging mechanism. Note that the messages will be automatically deleted after you abort an OTR conversation.
* Please upgrade to full version to use this feature.
* You need enable and login your eMessage account, if you want to send OTR message.
* Tap "Contact/Phone number" in the message page, then tap "OTR" icon, you can create a OTR conversation with your friend.
* In order to protect your messages, you can choose to authenticate your buddy.
* Me -> Settings -> Private Message Settings -> OTR Encryption Conversatioin, set the "Questions to authenticate your buddy" and the "Conversation Life time".

Secret Messages

The secret messages will not generate notifications when they reached the receipts. The secret messages do not display on the normal message list and all sceret text messages will be encrypted and then stored in you phone. The sender and the recipient can only access the secret messages when he/she entered the correct access password (long-pressing the Messages icon). The secret message can protect your privacy when you lost your phone or when there are some persons around you.
* Tap "Contact/Phone number" in the message page, then tap "Secret" icon, enter password then you can send secret message.
* Me -> Settings -> Private Message Settings -> Secret Message, set password, you can use this password to enter Secret Mode, and see the secret messages.
* You can specify messages which come from some contacts are secret messages.
* Change the Password cache, protect your messages.

Silent Messages

The silent message will not generate notification when it reaches the recipient. You can also specify messages which come from some contacts are silent messages.
* Tap "Contact/Phone number" in the message page, then tap "Silent" icon, send silent message.
* Me -> Settings -> Private Message Settings -> Silent Message, you can specify messages which come from some contacts are silent messages.

BAR (Burn after Reading) Messages

After the recipient read the BAR message, it will be deleted automatically in 5 seconds.
* Tap "Contact/Phone number" in the message page, then tap "Burn" icon, send Burn After Reading message.

OpenPGP Encryption Messages    

OpenPGP encryption message uses OpenPGP (which is popular in the email system) to encrypt your message bodies/files and protect your privacy.
* Please upgrade to full version to use this feature.
* Me -> My Keyrings, you can create or import your keys.
* You can import key from Key Server, File or Clipboard, then you need bind the key with a contact who in your contacts.
* Tap "Contact/Phone number" in the message page, then tap "OpenPGP" icon, you can send OpenPGP Encryption message.
* Me -> Settings -> Private Message Settings -> OpenPGP Encryption Message, set the "Password Cache"、"File Encryption" and others.
* You need to decrypt the message when you receive a OpenPGP encryption message.





My Private Safe Box

you can encrypt any files
to save in your private safe box.





Espier Community


Espier Community, which provides the anonymous chat community function.
You can now chat with Espier users from the world now.




Anonymous Chat Community:Global Village


     Join or create an anonymous chat commnuity to chat with people from aroud the world, anonymously.
     Full support for anonymous chat community: Revelation/Comment, Public Chat, Private Chat, Creating Commnuity, Occupants List, and so on;View the detailed profile of the occupant and make friends with others;Share your pictures and videos in the Revelation page;Community events: New revelation, comment, newbie, and so on.



Charisma: Gifts

Make new friends? Send gifts to improve charisma, send free message with your friends. You'll never be alone again.




The following advanced

features need the full-feature

license or Pro edition:

* Remove the ads in anonymous chat community.
* Translate messages in anonymous chat community.
* Create 100 online users community (20 online users community for free version).
* Use OpenPGP encryption messages and OTR encryption conversations to protect your privacy thoroughly.
* Upgrading the space size of your eCloud drive to 4GB from 40MB.
* Upgrading the maximal size of one file being transferred to 1GB from 10MB.

Set up eMessage




 Go to Settings,

turn on eMessage.

tap “Espier ID”, and please enter Email and Password for eMessage.
Note: Espier ID is the login account that you use for everything with Espier, including using eMessage services, purchasing the licenses for apps and or services.




If you don’t have
Espier ID now,
you need to register
with your email address.
Note: Please enter your phone number, your friends can send eMessage via this number.